Camucioli e Ninfee

via battisti 3, Torre del Lago
prezzo a notte 1,700


--- FOR THE WHOLE 2013 THE TASK WILL REMAIN CLOSED --- The guest house offers Camucioli lilies and a simple and comfortable, family run, in the center of Torre del Lago Puccini.

The name of the facility wants to remind the two similar but different characters that has plunged the country: The Camuciolo is the name under which outlines the Immortelle flower of a typical sand dunes and the water lily is the typical flower lake.
< br> Torre del Lago Puccini is infused with this duality:
- Firstly Lake Massaciuccoli calm and serene and majestic Apuan and solemn, the other the glittering and gorgeous beaches of Versilia initiatives, clubs and nightlife; - On the one hand, the carnival of Viareggio with its joyous and bitter satire on the other the master works of the immortal Puccini with its romantic mood and melancholy; - Firstly the new architecture of Liberty and other Viareggino the historicity of the medieval walls of Lucca; - On the one hand, the Viareggio literary award Repaci other comics of Lucca; - Firstly, the technology of the port of Viareggio and the Airport Galilei of Pisa and the other in the park Migliarino, San Rossore Massaciuccoli.

OPEN ALL YEAR, the town house is ideal for those wishing to spend freely on their seaside holidays in Tuscany, in all seasons. The ingredients are all there for a good holiday.